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Miconazole nitrate hair growth

Miconazole nitrate is one kind of a synthetic antifungal. It inhibits the growth of common dermatophytes and is generally suggested for the treatment of certain fungal infections of mucus membranes in the body. In other words it is a good cream that is used against fungus. All nitrates are good oxidizing agents. Hence miconazole nitrate hair growth includes the procedure of providing oxygen for the hair when used in the process of hair restoration and hair growth.

Many believe that miconazole nitrate is not a good ingredient in hair growth products. However time and again it has been mentioned that different people have different kinds of reasons for their hair loss and only the correct study of their hair and their reason can give the correct remedy. Many people against the miconazole nitrate in their hair growth process are against it either because they have used it without proper medical advice.

Also important point to be noted is that miconazole nitrate hair growth is a process that is gaining importance very slowly when compared to other procedures. We need to understand that there are still experiments going on to find how miconazole nitrate can provide enough support to hair growth. Also the process of experimentation is also being used to find what other ingredients can gel with miconazole nitrate to give the hair the required growth while also maintaining the health of the woman who uses the product or products.

Miconazole nitrate is also used as an anti-fungal medicine on the human body especially for woman. It helps cure certain skin fungi around the vagina. This is also the reason why miconazole nitrate is infamous. Many people believe that this is a skin treatment medicine not as hair treatment medicine. Also miconazole nitrate is said to dry the skin wherever it is used and hence people would like to see how this ingredient can keep the moisture that is one of the key factors of having a healthy hair. Ofcourse, it has worked better for people with oily skin more than those with dry hair.

However there are different kind of people who have used miconazole nitrate and from then on enjoying the results of hair growth. Monistat is a famous miconazole nitrate that has been used as a perfect cure for yeast infection on vagina. However it is only very recently that miconazole can be applied for hair as it helps hair growth. Some also believe that after application of miconazole nitrate, they have found certain increase in the growth of the hair around the vagina and this lead to the experimentation with it for hair growth. This has been the same with Rogaine, though the authenticity of this story needs to be checked for miconazole nitrate.

Miconazole nitrate is recently being discussed either in forums or in the manufacturers of hair growth products. Hence it is going to take some time to find more about miconazole nitrate hair growth.

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