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Hair Growth Hormone

There are very few people who know that fact that hair root is the fastest growing part (though very small) in the body. Generally the body is not affected by the hormones until a certain age. But after puberty the hormones govern the hair growth especially in the different regions of the body.

In case of a man, testosterone (male hormone) governs the growth of the body hair say on the cheeks, in the armpits and around the genitals. But in case of women, oestrogen (the female hormone) prevents the hair growth on the chin and encourages it to grow on the head. You would see some women developing hair on their cheeks or around their mouths after menopause. This is because the oestrogen levels in the body are reduced rapidly.

The various levels of hormones in a women’s blood determine the thickness and speed of the hair growth. The more the hormone levels, the more the thickness and the speed hair growth.

Every women has testosterone levels to an extent as much as a man has oestrogen levels in his body. This balance of male and female hormones is a key factor that affects the hair growth in a women’s body. If the male hormones (androgens) are more in a woman’s body, this cause excessive hair growth some times even on the face. This kind of problem is called ‘Hirsutism’ and it is purely a problem caused by hormonal extremes and imbalance. However its symptoms do not stick to hair growth alone. Expansion of clitoris, deepening of the voice may also affect a woman already suffering with such problem.

However this not such a huge problem as addition of oestrogen to the body solves this problem easily. The best person to visit is ofcourse an endocrinologist, who can advise you on more about hormonal problems.

Pregnancy – Hormones

The relation ship between hormones and hair growth in women can be easily seen in pregnant women. Pregnant women generally have more amounts of oestrogen than when they are normal. As these outweigh the androgens the hair growth is rapid. However the hair cycle is not active enough to keep the hair from falling. Hence during pregnancy, women experience hair loss and especially after giving birth to their child, they might lose more hair too.

But after some time (read three or four months) their hair growth comes to normal and the hair loss is stopped. This goes on to show that the balance between the female type and male type hair hormones is more responsible in good hair growth and thus healthy hair cycle.

Also women who have passed menopause phase generally tend to find more hair growth. Hormones not only affect the feminine character and masculine characters but also adds more definition to their face by affecting the hair growth .

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